what just happened?

Girl 1 has finished primary school. Hmm. A flurry of tears and hugs and names on tshirts. A huge change in her world. She’s concious that she may not see some of these folk again, the twenty people she’s shared seven years of school with. Only one other person from her school is going to her big school in September. A huge change in our world- bus routes, heavy bags, different subjects, more challenging challenges.

Life seems to moving at great speed, and I can’t keep up.

The British government come out with more outrageous plans every day- my draft post on no books for little folk to read/ decode is being superceded by the imminent return of two tier qualifications at 16, personal attacks on rich folk who don’t support the Conservative party, and more attacks on the welfare system on which so many rely.

I think it’s deliberate. It’s divide and conquer. We’re being overwhelmed with proposals that are manifestly unfair and downright wrong, affecting thousands. I’m always up for a good rant, but I need time to marshall my thoughts and appear coherent. The speed that things are happening at means I don’t have time for that. My mind is a blur of unfocussed rage.


And I have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world. The state of the Euro is beyond my comprehension. Horrible things are happening in Syria. I can’t even begin to keep up with all that.

So, dear bloggy buddies, you’ll just have to assume that I’m protesting about what Dave and his Dastardly Crew are up to. Prepare to see slightly belated posts.


I may retreat to a beach and think happy thoughts, but I’m still raging. About whatever it is.


18 thoughts on “what just happened?

  1. Blink and you’ll miss her high school years – Spud takes his last GCSE this morning, then compulsory schooling is finished. It seems like yesterday that he went off for his first day.

    1. Girl1 is small, and so I think it’s easier to miss that she is growing up. There was a primary school ‘graduation’ the other night, and some of her friends are nearly fully grown!!

  2. So glad you add the injustice to the other things, they are all matter to us all. That lot in power are all so compartmented, they think they are focussed but they are just tunnel visioned heading the way to so many disasters for others. Its hard to bear even on a beach. Good luck to girl1

    1. Girl1 is really keen to get started on the shopping for her new adventures. She’ll be less keeen on the work when she gets there…
      Tunnel vision, indeed, Elspeth

  3. I know what you mean about so many negative things going on it’s impossible to keep up or form coherent opinions about them. And now it’s the financial disaster of PFI hospital projects which various governments were warned about but they just ploughed on regardless….

  4. The world’s chaos and pain occasionally hits me harder than at other times. I refer to it as “hitting a wall” when my emotions just can’t be set aside. I need to brood a bit from time to time, too. And when I do let my “rants out” I usually feel like others think I’ve gone over the edge, and that doesn’t make me feel any better! I would go to the beach, too. Talk to the waves and just breathe deep. And big hugs! Having Girl 1 move on to a new stage in her life is a bit of trauma to a mom, too. I’m sure you’re feeling some of her growing pains. I still feel my own children’s emotions….I think this was a design flaw in the way we were made. It’s not fair! oxoxoxo Debra

    1. I find having a good old rant on the blog helps me loads 🙂 I’m very grateful to you all who read and then come back for more- I know I’m not shouting into the wind!

  5. Rage: my old companion, I know her well. I spend whole days convinced that the world is full of idiots and simpletons….I do become exhausted by her, though. She wages war on me: Mr Cameron doesn’t give a monkey’s, and nor to any of the others who make idiotic decisions which cost so many so much. I’m working on calming her down a little so I can protest, but with inner peace 😀 I’m a fair way off. As Dougal puts it: careful, now 😀

  6. Fiona, the whole world makes no sense. I have been livid over our elected representatives in Washington participating in insider trading in the days leading up to the economic collapse. Nothing happens to them, but I would go to jail, of course, if I did it.

    When I get so worked up, I try to stop and hug my husband and focus on what I can change.

    Congratulations to Girl1.

  7. I don’t know you, only from what you disclose here. But I can count, despite any rumours written on the walls. Yes the world sucks, be it global or local and probably always will. Still you have one, two, three stars surrounding you and the numbers behind them I would guess upon.

  8. On our side of the puddle things are a mess too. But as much as I worry about the state of the world, I worry more about whether or not my spud will get the kind of education that will prepare her for it. Good luck to Girl 1 as she embarks on a new phase of education and life. I hope and pray that when they take over the world will be worthy of them.

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