a wade in the park

After the handshake came the deluge. The Queen finished shaking hands and garden partying and headed home. The heavens opened. There was serious flooding. Homes have been rendered uninhabitable, cars have been ruined and the police people who had to be rescued from the roof of their jeep will never live it down. We were lucky enough just to have a little stream running through the garage.

The next morning, we made time for wellies and splashing.


16 thoughts on “a wade in the park

  1. Yes, the rains and the flooding have been very bad in parts… so sudden! We all knew it was coming, though, after drought conditions were declared in various parts a few weeks ago! Hopefully, though, things will soon settle down and we’ll have our summer back! 😉

    1. Tom, you’re right- it has rained ever since the hosepipe bans were announced! The flooding has been awful for people. A bit of warmth would be good 🙂

    1. I need to get a new header pic, but I think this look can stay a while. I sort of driftd into it, and then spent ages fiddling! I still have to figure out somethings, when I get around to it…

  2. Fiona, few things are more freeing than splashing in fresh puddles of fresh rain, if one is selective. Here, when it rains at high tide, we watch the street flood and wonder whether we will be able to get our car in off the street.

  3. The people I feel sorry for are the ones whose houses have been flooded several times, and live in permanent fear of yet another flood. Perhaps they need to take drastic action, move up to the first floor and abandon the ground floor altogether.

  4. At times like this I am glad I live on a hill! The 128 mile drive home yesterday was horrendous, at times it was difficult to see the cars in front through the water spray on the roads.

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