and on the dull days…


14 thoughts on “and on the dull days…

  1. Viewing from here these photographs (keepsakes) of yours, give testament to why so many Irish Ancestors of our Maritime Provinces (can’t exclude the Scottish) viewed Newfoundland, Cape Breton slash Nova Scotia as their new home. The landscapes are striking similar. You have to give them credit for toughing it out as they did. The new land must have seemed a blank canvass -strikingly mirroring the homeland but void of stone wall, castles, churches and England. To this day, you can still see them in the mind, language, faces and eyes.

    Sorry, I look at photographs and drift somewhere else. You cannot beat a day, an hour, a minute on a coastal beach. Mind and thoughts seem to drift and race. You must have enjoy the outing(s) or you would not have photographed the event.

    1. Yes, Hudson, I did. We’re lucky that this beach is close to where we stay in Donegal, and it’s well worth exploring in all weathers.
      The ancestors- it’s incredible what they all went through.

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