home, with added bloggers

Spurs Fan has relaxed. He comes back to himself during the summer holidays, away from all the planning and scheduling and reporting. He’s even home with Nana and Grandad- back in that part of the world where people have the same accent as he does, and think the union flag is decorative and welcoming. He can visit an actual physical Spurs Shop (Hurrah!?), and get caught up on all the local news.

Well, what’s happening in London this summer? Anything? Those of us in the British Isles are well aware that there’s a major world sporting event coming to town, but in the Greater London area it’s the only news. There are hints of traffic chaos and public transport overcrowding, but since that seems to be norm, I’m glad I won’t be around for the events.

There was some scepticism when I suggested that we all go to the John Lewis shop in Stratford for the best view of the Olympic Village and stadiums. Kate blogged about it, so it must be true. Speccy, somebody you don’t know on the internet wrote that her son said it, and you think that’s a recommendation? Yes, and sure what have we got to lose, even if it’s wrong?

A jaunt on the tube, Europe’s biggest shopping centre, and, yes, views (perhaps not represented by my phone photography, but you get the idea).


Nana and Grandad are now believers in the power of the blogger. They’d welcome Kate any day, and fill her with food. (I will have issues when I next step on the scales…)

A grey day, huge security and soldiers on the streets– I felt quite at home myself…

11 thoughts on “home, with added bloggers

  1. Thanks to our roving reporter- speccy, for her update on that sporting event.
    Please say a special ‘hello’ to Nana and Grandad from me. I wish I was there to be pampered and fed!

  2. Ha, I know what the Tube is. Finally made it through a post and didn’t have to google or ask for qualification. I’ve been to London a couple of times, I so enjoyed being lost and soggy there. It’s reassuring that soldiers with guns are there to make it friendly competition.

    1. I love this comment, Hudson! I had no idea I was so incomprehensible 😀
      *plans posts on hot presses, boxty and the Rose of Tralee*

      1. Ha! I never did the assigned reading material prior to class. Explains the stunned ‘look’.

    1. I think it’s media, the millions of corporate hangers on and the horrible, airport style, security processing. I’d love to see some of the events, but I’m glad I won’t be there!

  3. Apologies for my tardiness, Fiona. Personal organisation gone out the window this week. Loved this 😀 SO glad you benefitted from the great big window at John Lewis’s. I can take only the credit it deserves to type – it was intrepid reporter Felix who squirrelled out that particular tidbit. I think I may have to go and try it myself, though….

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