the civilised bookclub

We’re a group of eight women on our ways through life. The age range is about 25 years. There are children and grandchildren, pets and peeves. Every month or so we gather together.

There may be flowers. There will be food (sometimes expertly catered by one of us, sometimes expertly heated up). There will be drinks.

Chat will be about families, holidays, fundraising, gossip, bereavements, health, work woes, shoes, event planning, handbags, gladrags, and caravans. Life’s bothers and boons. Eventually we’ll get to the book.

Our most recent subject was Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility. We did not all choose this book because we liked the cover. Honestly. (Although you never know with the graphic designer in the group).

Katy tells us the story of her 1938, from her 1966 perspective. This was the year that everything changed for her; the decisions she made that year shaped her whole life. There was money and opportunity, friendship, glamour and hard work. Men to love and lose. One man whose impact lingered, despite his very different choices. There are late nights in jazz bars, shared rooms and clothing, some mysteries. Not all is as it seems.

This is more than ‘immigrant girl makes good by falling in with the right people’. It’s not just about the style and the parties. It’s a story of reinvention, defying expectations and, somehow, finding one’s niche.

Ending up with friends, fun and support…


20 thoughts on “the civilised bookclub

  1. Oh Fiona you make us sound . . . . so . . . . so . . .. . I can’t think of just the right word – but if I weren’t already part of the book club – I’d be clamouring to get in!

    1. One of the great things about the bookclub is the range of material we get to choose from; we’ve all read and enjoyed books we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. Also, some we’ve all hated!

  2. I should join a Book Club. But then I would actually have to read something.

    I do like the title of this one.

  3. Our bookclub is just great! I would clamour to get into it too ScarlettRuby, if I wasn’t already there. Now, really must start reading the next book. Not long now till we meet again.

  4. It sounds like a very nice book, but the club sounds divine! I like the wider age range…that adds great perspective to any conversation and review! I hope you’ll share again about what the group is reading…and maybe what you’re eating and drinking! 🙂 Debra

    1. bookclub at my house: crisps, salad, heated up something, or chilli/ lasagne
      bookclub at ScarlettRuby’s: restaurant quality everything, all made by her own fair hand
      bookclub everywhere else: something in between
      All bookclub meetings: wine, fizzy drinks, water
      ScarlettRuby: something creative

      A great mix of people, skills and interests adds to all the fun 🙂

    1. The mix of people is good- most knew each other through one thing or another for some years, but it wasn’t at all awkward at the start when I only knew one person. I think the trick is that the book is secondary 🙂

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