a musical interlude- or why I can’t get up today

We were going to a concert, outdoors. We had big coats and sturdy shoes. On the way to Dublin we had some of the worst rain of the ‘summer’. We had 2 sets of directions to follow, yet ended up relying on taxi drivers and a policeman to guide us. Needless to say when we got to where we wanted to be, the sky was blue, the sun was out, and even not wearing the coats, we were roasted.

We spurned the crowded bars and coffee shops- I’d never get a seat there- and got comfy seats in a sedate hotel. Coffee, more coffee, and pizza. Age appropriate pre gig preparations.The ladies’ was full of discussion about clothing choices- too warm, too cold, the value of layers.

Maybe I should be wearing a tshirt from a previous concert to establish credibilty? Mind you, when was I ever credible? This appeals to a wide age range, but mainly aging folk who like rowdy rock n roll politics with their anthemic singalongs. Many find this boring beyond belief, but for me it has always been buoying, uplifting, moving and damned good fun.

It was all there last night, with even more humour than normal. Springsteen started with ‘Twist and Shout’ on which the plug was pulled in London, and followed that with ‘I fought the law’.

He can never play everything I’d like, but he does a good job. Bruce is a constant in my life. I’ve been moved by The River for over 30 years. I play Born to Run loudly, when my head is full of rage and frustration. Anything from The Seeger Sessions will enthuse and inspire, especially The Erie Canal. My favourite of the current album is Jack of all Trades, reflecting despair, stocisism, pride and passion.

He’s not quite as energetic as he used to be, but he still plays for three and a half hours and works the crowd like nobody else. One doesn’t observe a Springsteen gig; one is part of it.

Even if one is sitting at the back, thumping one’s stick off the ground.


12 thoughts on “a musical interlude- or why I can’t get up today

  1. The Cricket Club I used to play in is near the RDS and on sunny evenings we used to sit outside and listen to the concerts. I remember one week Fleetwood Mac played there and we could make out each song that they were playing, the following week Bruce played there and we could hear every single word.

    1. Brilliant! That could make a gilr like cricket
      I could have done with you about the other night- we were finding our way home, feeling contended and not lost, when we discovered that the port tunnel was closed- and we had NO IDEA how to find the M1. There were few signs and some bad words. However, Clontarf seems nice…

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