the discount day out

We were close to Oxford. Not far from Blenheim Palace. Surrounded by history and beauty. Also, prisons and military bases.

Oh, Speccy, have you found a remote, quaint, tourist spot to visit? Are you about to reveal a hidden gem?

Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but I’m not as cultured as I let on. I was a shopping tourist. Outlet shopping. But no mere Next, Marks and Spencer or GAP in Bicester. Here be the big guns- Dior, Prada, Dolce and Gabana.

It’s when I’m there I know I’ll never be a proper shopper. It’s wonderful to look at and touch real Dior garments, but these are well out of my league, even heftily reduced (e.g. a beautiful coat reduced from £3,300 to £900-ish). I was happy to look at the pottery, but I didn’t have a checklist of what I needed to complete my collection. I wasn’t totally convinced by the woman declaring that her laptop sleeve had to match her handbag- what else would a stylish woman want? I won’t be able to call again next week to see the new range.

That’s ok. I’m an observer in the world of high end fashion. My Boots sunglasses didn’t quite cut the mustard. I should have had a long cashmere cardigan.  I could practise carrying my bag in the crook of my elbow rather than on my shoulder, but it didn’t feel any more natural. I was wearing neither high heels nor flat pumps. I live in a fashion free zone. I wondered about the need to invest in something orange.

There was a queue outside the door at Prada. I’d hoped to go in, but whatever the queue was for, I couldn’t afford it. My nosiness remained unsatified.

My shopping? Flipflops, a cardigan, some presents.

Nothing from Gucci, Anya Hindmarch or Diane von Furstenberg. Not even anything from Mulberry.

Something orange did sneak in…


21 thoughts on “the discount day out

  1. Nice bag! I’ve heard about Bicester… but from someone who bought a Prada bag for her daughter’s birthday, reduced from £550 to the bargain price of £215. I mean… wow….NOT!! 😀

  2. Oh Joy!…a shopping post.

    Here, it goes as. If it can’t be purchased at the Canadian Tire Store, then you probably don’t need it. But it never goes that way.

  3. When entertaining out of towners, we’ve taken a couple of walks down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills – we’ve never dared to go inside the stores though – I’ve read about movie stars being asked to leave if they were dress too casually to be recognized. And I remember the sad treatment Julia Roberts’ character received in one of those stores in Pretty Woman – which I’m sure must be as good as true.

  4. I think my last bit of high end fashion was probably my filofax, about 30 years ago. I’m strictly a chain store cut-price consumer. I wouldn’t be seen dead with some clichéd brand name stuck on my arse.

  5. It’s so dear of you, Speccy, to pretend you didn’t make it into the Prada shop. I know you just don’t want to ruin my surprise and that an exquisite little something from your travels is in the post to me as I type.

    1. We even started on presents for the little folk from young people’s shops, for December time. Naturally, fashion will have changed by then, or I won’t be able to find them…

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