Things are afoot. Last week we spent a while buying big school uniform, for a big school. Girl1 was bouncing with excitement- a tie, a blazer, PE kit (with special pants). No child has ever looked forward to September as much as this one is.

Occasionally there are chinks in her childish joy at life. Sometimes she retreats to hide in her room and listen to music. Sometimes this hogger of the limelight gets self concious and turns away from the camera. Sometimes she doesn’t want to play with her sister.

Girl2 has decided to set aside some of her familiar comforts. She has decided to be a tidy person. A big girl.

Nothing strange or unusual there. All to be expected. If we’re lucky, our children grow up.

My heart swells for my wee pets. They’re regular little girls, taking steps forward in their worlds. They’re taking novelty pics to send to a tv programme. They investigate Primark and New Look. They play house. They are the tech gurus for those items that would make The Brother laugh. They giggle and squabble and look after each other.

Too many families don’t have this. Too many little people don’t make it.

Let’s enjoy the changes and the chaos while we can.


33 thoughts on “changes

  1. No really comment, just going to let you enjoy the glow. You heart tugger you!

    Pink Converse image, is that yours or the pets. Either or, it is a remarkable image if ya’all don’t realize it. I wish I had captured it -am jealous.

  2. Doesn’t she look well! Now don’t blink. Not even once or she will have reached 6th form and ready to move to the next level. Interesting photo…. Ahem! Were you flat on your face at the time? 😉

  3. Aw, I have one of Maddie from last year, just the same…she looks amazing. And it is so wonderful to be looking forward to school like that 🙂 Hope the golden time continues through the hols.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing her smiling, happy and expectant face, Fiona. Such a wonderful expression of contentment and anticipation. I am so glad you acknowledge how special and fleeting these moments are, and that we are indeed fortunate when we are able to witness the moments. You never lose the mental snapshots and you can retrieve them any time! 🙂 Debra

    1. There’s only one other from her primary school going, but she knows others from dance and sports, so she’s quite contented. I was never sporty or dancy and knew no one- a whole different world!

    1. Thank you, Nick, I hadn’t even noticed that! I really think the school should be a good fit, and this reinforces my thinking that it will help give her a solid base

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