the phone box art box

A traditional red phone box used to be a common sight on street corners around the UK. Now they remain only in tourist areas, or on ‘traditional’ ‘British’ branding, along with Union Flags, black taxis and London buses.

When in London recently, we discovered something a little bit different. As part of the celebrations of the jubilee, London 2012 games, and 25 years of the charity ChildLine, the BT Artbox project created 80 coloured replicas of the traditional K6 box and dotted them around central London. The boxes will be auctioned, with proceeds to ChildLine.

We didn’t find all 80 boxes, and we won’t be buying one, but they were a delight to see.



Aren’t they great?

Now go back and look for Nana and Grandad.

(reflected in the gold box, on a rare potter round Covent Garden.)

We all had fun that day.

9 thoughts on “the phone box art box

  1. I found them, too…how fun! What great boxes, Fiona! I’ve wondered about the red phone booths, as you are so right, we tourists just expect them! I didn’t even know that they were a thing of the past. Fun post. Great photos…Debra

  2. Found them I think 🙂 But now you have given me an idea for a day out. We’ll pop in and do a phone-box hunt…we had enormous fun when they did this with large plastic elephants a couple of years ago. Thanks, Fiona!

  3. Wonderful art. It’s sad to think that the booths are disappearing. We lived in England from 1989-1993 and back then there weren’t cell phones like there are today, so I understand why the booths are going. Still sad, though.

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