a momentous day

Well, how amazing was that? Super Saturday indeed.

A day to be remembered. One for the annals.

A photofinish in the women’s triathlon. (1.5k swim, 43k cycle, 10k run- and still needing to have enough in the legs and the heart to manage a sprint finish. Astonishing.)

Exciting rowing.

More world records in the cycling.

Then there was Oscar. Then there was Michael. (We are not worthy). And amazing athletics. (Long jump guy caused a tear.)

More exciting than all that…

Yes, the deckchair came out. I was able to put on sunscreen and sunglasses, and sit out for longer than 2 minutes.

Just after I took this pic I had to put on a fleecy hoody, but I stayed out. I’m sure I should get a medal for that.


24 thoughts on “a momentous day

  1. Yep, I got to sit out in the garden for a while too.
    Between roaring like mad for all the British rowers yesterday morning, and then for the three athletes last night. London are doing a super job.

      1. It’s great the way the fun element has been picked and run with. Whoever would have thought we would have gold letter boxes. Might be nice to have silver and bronze ones too. Maybe we should start a campaign…

    1. Team GB are doing very well Tom (although I still don’t know why they’re not Team UK) The lottery funding is showing its worth! Maybe I’ll start buying tickets again…

  2. I must admit to getting a little weary of the time delay, and knowing the results before I can sit down to watch! But I’m pleased you are celebrating, as well you should! And the beach chair looks very inviting. A hoodie is fine beach wear! Debra

    1. Debra, it’s so odd having it all going on in our time! That’s why we’ve got so involved I think- we’ve watched shooting and archery and fencing and rythmic gymnastics and all sorts of sports we never see 🙂
      Seeing the 100m live on Sun night was fab- we even let the girls stay up for that one!

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