the garden party

One of us had a birthday.

Not me. I stopped all that ages ago.

For one week a year we have a garden in which we can happily host a party with cake and colouring and games.

Even the sun cooperated.


23 thoughts on “the garden party

    1. Kate, we are very lucky! The garden alone is worth the holiday rental fees. Close to family and beaches and with our own ruin. We don’t even have to do the gardening…

    1. The garden is fab, but I’m glad it’s not mine- I couldn’t afford the gardener πŸ™‚ It’s a wonderful feature of the house we rent for a week in the summer- imagine our joy when we first opened the gate and saw that!

  1. This is why I don’t throw parties. I looked at the fourth picture down and thought “bloody hell, look what they did to her house”.

  2. Looks lovely! Especially love the bunting πŸ™‚ I never miss a birthday celebration – it’s a celebration of surviving another year, after all.

    1. The wall is just there on its own, in a wooded bit of this incredible garden. It looks like it belonged to a wee church, and must be at least 300 years old

  3. Memories of Ireland……from sea to birthday parties, grand views, more warmth than one is deserving -all for a nominal fee; just click the link. Thank you for sharing.

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