my family and other animals

We were going to the zoo– how could we not sing? Spurs Fan, Nana, Grandad, me- without consultation, we broke into song at different times of the day.The fact that it drove the girls mad only added to the fun.

It had been years from I’d been to a zoo and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I missed some bits, and the camera battery ran out, but my favourite bits were the penguins, the giraffes and, oh, the butterflies.

The butterflies. I have no photographs of the butterflies, but mental images of vibrant colours, the gentle flap of wings, magic. They flew all about, lightly landing on us and off again, like dozens of little kisses. I could spend the day just there.

When everyone else was walking miles to see bugs and beasts, I spent a while sitting down with coffee and some Red Velvet cake. I don’t have a pic of that either- it vanished too quickly.


12 thoughts on “my family and other animals

    1. A lovely day, with lots of sitting down spots, and many fascinating creatures. David Attenborough could have appeared and I wouldn’t have been at all surprised!

  1. I love going to the zoo! I’m so glad you had the chance to enjoy it, and since you didn’t have the opportunity to take too many photos, you’ll just have to go back soon! And the cake was a nice polish! πŸ™‚ D

  2. No doubt it’s just me but the phrase or the name or whatever you like ‘Red Velvet Cake’ conjures up all kind of thoughts, I find it interest………..also enjoy ‘butterfly kisses’

  3. last December I went to the zoo with my niece and her family. when I got tired I sent them off and went and sat in an aivery, quietly, and the birds came out of hiding and I had a wonderful time just watching them

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