joining in with team GB?

We’re in the lull between the surprisingly wonderful Olympics and the bound to be awesome Paralympics. BBC coverage was fabulous. Channel 4 (the Paralympic broadcasters) have their work cut out- our expectations are high. For the TV that is, we don’t know much about the athletes. Which says a lot- another post begins to brew, but you get the picture.

Anyway, all this Team GB stuff? There were local folk competing, and even winning medals. Not all for Team GB- two Belfast boxers won medals for Ireland.That’s the issue: a lot of people in this soggy corner of the United Kingdom do not regard themselves as British. I don’t. I live within the UK, but I’m Irish. I live in Ireland. Confused yet?

Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, but not part of GB. BBC local journalists made reference to Team GB and NI, but nobody else did. Why not Team UK?

The regular reader may remember that flags make me uncomfortable. I find the happy jolly party atmosphere currently created by wide displays of the Union Flag a bit weird, but I know that’s me and my issue.

In June Spurs Fan had great fun as part of the Olympic torch relay in grey, wet, Banbridge. A month later, we were in his Essex home town when the torch arrived there. A more different day could not be imagined- sunshine, prettiness, pipe bands and, oh yes, flag waving. Nana, Grandad, Spurs Fan, Girl1 and Girl2 could all do that.

My version of joining in? I bought the buns…


20 thoughts on “joining in with team GB?

  1. One of the nice things here was the way we Irish got behind the British team, perhaps because the Olympics itself was going so well, and perhaps because so many of them seemed to be genuinely nice people. I watched Saturday night in the pub and all of us yelled home Mo Farah, I sat roaring at the TV each morning during the rowing and nearly cried when Katherine Grainger won her Gold Medal at last The of course there was last Thursday, when all the Irish in the ExCel cheered for Nicola Adams in her fight and then all the Brits cheered for Katie Taylor in hers.
    By the way, the tag “wee buns” might get you a lot more visitors than you’re expecting.

    1. I watched so many sports, but the rowing and the athletics were amazing! I was so glad for Katherine Grainger, and the other Kat who was in shock 🙂 We didn’t see the boxing- we were huddled round a radio in a shop, where nobody was allowed to speak and people kept walking about, disrupting the signal! Amazingly the whole thing did what Seb wanted it to in terms of engaging the whole public. I even began to warm to Seb!

  2. Look like cup cakes here, can ya slide them closer. Elvira likes to look at well formed ‘buns’, UK or Irish or Scottish or Moroccan.

  3. I hope we get some coverage of the Paralympics. It would be a shame if we don’t, but I haven’t heard anything at this point. I appreciate the bit of geography lesson. I’m sure I understood that Ireland is not part of GB, but I tend to generalize, which is ridiculous when speaking of one country or another. So good reminder! Debra

    1. The whole UK/ commonwealth/ old empire thing is baffling isn’t it? Check out the link the Brother found which made me laugh out loud at its intricacy!

    1. Brilliant. Well found, that Brother.
      Who knew there were two ‘commonwealths’? I laughed, and I’m really glad I don’t work at the Foreign Office…

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