critical stuff

I told our bloggy buddy Hudson that I wasn’t going to do any shopping posts for a while…

Part of the fun of being on holiday by the sea is finding those little items that fill a gap. A gap in, perhaps, caravan adornement, that one hadn’t identified until right that very moment. It is possible that one may happen across a blanket or some shells that would fill that ‘character’ gap. An extra blanket is of course essential when one is spending part of the summer on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere.

That all sounds remarkably sensible.

Why then, do you think that the Brother and Spurs Fan thought my reference to ‘an emergency wooden lighthouse and cute hearts’ was funny? Do they not know me at all? Yes, you’re right; they know me too well.

If it hadn’t been an emergency those items wouldn’t just have fallen into my collecting basket. There were really practical notecards in there too- I can write to you on these.

We had seen some of the work of John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo) that when we went to Mull, beautiful Mull. That was many moons ago, when the little ones were keeping an eye out for Miss Hoolie and Archie the Inventor as we walked around. Surely that was only yesterday?

Art, collecting and children’s tv-  not a shopping post at all…


21 thoughts on “critical stuff

  1. I guess our miniature koala bears from Australia fall into the category of emergency home accessories. How could we not have purchased them? They were obviously looking for a couple of kind and considerate owners….

    1. By the way. Yours was my first ever ping back to my place. Thank you, thank you. Now am off to celebrate -going to break open a ‘cup cake’.

    1. It’s cosy and cuddly and recycled wool, so a fraction of the price. What’s not to like? Mind you, the rest of the household roll their eyes, ‘Again??’

  2. I shall definitely remember the line ‘this is an emergency’ for future use in similar circumstances. Thank you. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with ********.

      1. I love your blog. Insightful, honest and interesting. I have seen touches of brilliance but never the other. Creating an ambiance for the haven on the hill is an emergency. The lighthouse is perfect and I love those cards. My comment was actually about my finding a line for use in circumstances where I know and feel I am right but others do not understand just how important something is to me. Although to be honest I could also use it in those moments when I simply cannot find a rational answer. When you are stuck for an answer ‘This is an emergency’ would actually be a very appropriate term to use.

  3. You could send those cards right to me, love coastal scenery – we have some very similar ones bought in Cornwall many moons ago that are pinned up in my study as a reminder of a wonderful holiday 🙂

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