hills, hedges and holidays

We’ve been spending  a fair bit of time in the caravan recently (directions: drive to the middle of nowhere, turn left and up the hill- you’ll find us) which has led to a number of significant discoveries.

  • Donegal is hillier than I thought. Christy wasn’t just making it up.

  • A hedge can be a thing of beauty, not just a softening of the edges. Where a fence may be too blunt an instrument, a planting of privet marks the terrain in an anonymous fashion. There is nothing anonymous, blunt or boring about these riots of fuchsia. A wonder in the wild.

  • Less a discovery than a dilemma. Bloggy buddies of a lifestyle/ home maker bent, I need your help. I don’t go to the caravan to be cleaning- there are beaches to visit and hedges to photograph. However, there is grub. A bit too much, even for my slothful ways. Where is the line between ‘casual, carefree, artistically sand-splattered’ and ‘biohazard’? My natural inclination is towards sitting outside with a book, but if I look round me indoors I see signs of a previously unloved caravan. Would it help if I took off my glasses?

20 thoughts on “hills, hedges and holidays

  1. Yes, take off the glasses when you’re in the caravan (it’s a tactic that’s worked wonders in our house for 27 years now) especially if it gives you more time to take photos like these.

  2. Dilemma, what dilemma. I don’t see a caravan. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. What I can see is divine and out weighs any notion to tidy said caravan, if this caravan did exist…..that’s what I would do. Stay oooooooot of the kitchen, so to speak.

    1. I’m even wiping curtain poles with antibac wipes, much to the despair of everyone else, but it settles my mind. Specs are not my friend in this situation 🙂

  3. Keep taking pictures! Can you just sort of tip the caravan toward the doorway and kind of push out the excess sand and stuff? That’s what we do with our tent.

  4. Hmmm. I would go with ‘the smell’. Carefree is wonderfully liberating until things start to really stink. Oh, and larvae. That’s another important consideration. If you find yourself inadvertently farming opportunistic life? It’s probably time to spread some soap around 😉

  5. Remember you are on holidays. If Spurs Fan and the girls can have nine weeks holiday, why not you too? An all hands on deck one hour clean-up once a week is enough, then out out out and have fun.

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