the summer day

Lo! It came to pass.

On the first morning the McSpecs got out of bed and looked at the rain. They wrapped up well and went exploring. That afternoon, it dried and brightened. There was a beach to be visited, paddling to do and castles to be built.

On the second morning the McSpecs got out of bed and looked at the sun. Surely some mistake? The sun was still out by the time Speccy had downed several cups of coffee. “Out, out, out! Wetsuits on. Grab the warm things. Where are the towels? Out! Put the blue flashing light on the car and get to the beach! Warm things, people, warm things! Don’t let the sun know we’re on our way, sssh.”

The beach was reached in good time. There was boogie boarding and bobbing along on the crest of a wave and much splashing. Eventually there was drying and warm things to change into. Except, well, it was too warm for the warm things. It was, in fact, hot.

Lashing of sun cream and ice cream. Creative castles. The coolest cafe. The sun stayed out.

We were on the beach the day the sun came out. Who’d have thunk?


21 thoughts on “the summer day

    1. Sadly, Tin, it wasn’t yesterday. Yesterday we were well wrapped up, but still had plenty of pottering time on 2 different beaches. We just ignored the low lying cloud all round…

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