the sea and the sky

We’re all at it. Across the northern hemisphere, bloggy buddies are stocking up on seaside time. Schools are reopening; we’re thinking about buying sturdy shoes. Lights are going on earlier, teenagers are getting exam results and packing for the move away from home. Autumn is becoming visible, but we’re holding on tight to the dreams of summer.

Tinman and Emma are going swimming, each with clothing dilemmas. Debra is looking at surf and sunsets, Lynda found herself again, e.e. cummings style. The regular reader knows I need no excuse to burble on about the restorative power of beaches, so, in a radical move, I’ll hush.

Oh, how I love a beach.


31 thoughts on “the sea and the sky

  1. I am an irregular reader, not by a beach, and also find them restorative, so please babble for me. September looms in capital letters. No matter how old we become, or what we do, I suspect it always symbolises winter uniforms and the captivity of a classroom after the summer holidays.

        1. Always a sucker for pencils and notebooks! A new pencil mug and variety of pencils were early additions to our caravan. We may be a little sad πŸ™‚

  2. The pictures are gorgeous, as always.
    IsobelandCat is right, once September comes we think summer is over, no matter how glorious the weather, because in our psyche it’s school time again.

    1. Welcome, Lynda πŸ™‚ The top pics are in Donegal (we surprised ourselves by getting a crumbly caravan earlier this year) and the bottom ones are in East Lothian, outside Edinburgh. Different sand, different seaweed, different shells. Equally wonderful.

  3. So beautiful. My girl starts piano lessons next week, and school the following Tuesday. Remember when summer seemed to stretch on forever? Fall just an indeterminate, faraway, speck…. *sobs*… I need some ocean in my life.

    1. Oh, Desi, you do. Everyone needs ocean, or big lakes or a river. Maybe a big puddle? The advantage of living on a small island is that we’re never too far from the coast. We may take that for granted, because our minds can’t cope with the enormity of space you live in!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous beaches. Much more pristine than any I know, but I’m so glad we share the appreciation of how calming it is just to appreciate the beauty. A day at the ocean always gives me a chance to reassess and balance! Thank you for the very nice mention. Such fun to be included, Fiona! D

  5. Oh am so coming to Northern Ireland, someday! Putting it on the bucket list an closer to the top than to the bottom.

  6. Donegal has a crowdless beach around every corner and your photos are making me long to be there again. When the dust settles on the new term we’ll meet up for a coffee and long chat!

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