queen of style

School shoe shopping. Uugh. It’s never fun. There are always many, many people. Little loud people. Harassed and perplexed parents. How can there be a queue at quarter past nine? There’s no way that baby needs school shoes; why are they even here? (Probably because they’ve been up with that baby since about 5…)

Today it was Girl2 who was upset. Tearful shock. She’s been wanting to wear the same size of shoe as me for ages- now she feels like a giant for getting there when she’s only 9. (Imagine the guilt of a parent whose child’s feet have grown 2 full sizes in 6 months without getting bigger shoes. Ooops) Luckily, the kind shop guy was able to find a pair of shoes in a styleย suitable for a little girl who’s not ready to wear mummy shoes yet.

In another shop I realised that we’re heading into the second autumn/ winter season when I don’t need to be buying reds and purples for Herself. I didn’t expect to miss buying her cosy knee length socks. Sometimes I can go to that shop without her in my head, but not today. Then I heard my aunt’s laugh. Yes, a late aunt. They were all there with me.

So Girl2 will hear again the tales of her granny being the tallest of all the family. Despite having four olderย sisters, there wasย little chance for hand me downs. A style setter. Her own woman.

Go Girl2, you can be queen of all you survey.


27 thoughts on “queen of style

  1. I have the smallest feet in my family now. It’s quite upsetting.
    On the bright side, I sometimes get handed down some of my sons’ clothes because they have outgrown them.
    Is Girl2 wearing the shoes in that picture?

  2. Ah the summer growth spurt – I remember it well ….and we’re doing school shoes just about now too. Good luck for the new term ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I don’t envy you shoe shopping for your brood- you must have the patience of a saint. It’s true though, not everyone may hate that task as much as I do…

  3. It’s the unexpected things that trip you up. I still find myself reading the ingredients on M&S ready meals for Mother even though she has been in the nursing home almost a year.

    1. Floored by knee socks? My mind boggled ๐Ÿ™‚
      We still brought Herself M&S creamy desserts even when she was PEG fed- just a teeny tiny teaspoon was all she could take, but she did so love a creamy dessert!

  4. Well, I over took my mother too…. that’s fine. Just tell her to stop at 8 or less, because the shops rarely stock above an 8!

  5. I was taller than my mom by the time I was in middle school! Fortunately, I stopped growing by 14, or I wouldn’t have fit into my family at all! Size and fitting in, whether it’s our shoe size or dress size, is just not fun when we’re growing up. I wish that were different, but it seems quite universal. I had to chuckle at the point where you admit her feet had grown two sizes but no new shoes. My daughter just told me the same thing about my granddaughter’s feet. Take comfort. I think it happens over night! Debra

    1. Growing up brings its trials, indeed, Debra. I’m sure she’ll be fine when she goes back to school where she won’t be the tallest in the class (or hasn’t been!) All summer she’s been reminded of being so much bigger than Girl1, because people keep asking her about her new school…

  6. I am that parent. My daughter told me her toes were rubbing inside her school shoes, last April. I advised her that there were only two months of school to go, so she would just have to deal. *hanging head in shame* In my defense? Okay, well, I don’t really have one…. Go Girl2!!!!

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