me, mine and other mutts

Mutt. Kelly. Dogs we have known and loved.

We wanted a dog. We got children.

We wanted a dog. I got ME.

We wanted a dog. Herself got more and more sick.

We want a dog. We couldn’t cope with a puppy. We need an adult dog that wanted a quiet life.

L volunteers at the animal sanctuary. We told her we’d like a dog.

Last week, L phoned. Might we be interested in a Westie? He’s 8.

Oh, yes we are.

We went to visit. Hmmm, they said, the children may be too young. Hmmm, they said, the dog may be too set in his ways. Hmmm, they said, he may not respond to you.

A few days later- days of walks and stroking and playing- glimpes of his wee self are coming through. A dog that needs to be in a quiet, predictable, boring household with someone around most of the time. A dog that wants short walks, good rubs and to be allowed to do his own thing.

A ‘home inspection’.

A visit to the pet shop.

Would he like us? Would the sanctuary let us have him?

Trying not to imagine the clatter of little paws on the wooden floor, or a wet nose snuffling its way under the quilt to wake me up.

Wondering about training- he hasn’t had a life full of love and care and his manners need brushed up. We’ll find a class to help us all.




L just phoned. They say ‘yes’. We’re getting us a dog.

Jake, west highland terrier

Jake is the one for us. A whole new character for our story. Exciting times ahead.



With thanks to the ever clever Kate for the post title 🙂 


32 thoughts on “me, mine and other mutts

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! He is just so adorable looking!! And – it must be affirming that your household has been approved as an appropriate/safe placement for the sanctuary’s precious charges!! (Mind you – I’m still glad he’s in your household rather than mine!) Let the fun times roll…..

  2. Congratulations and shtufffs. An adopted to boot. Oh you and yours are definitely certified and verified Angles of Creatures. Have always had a ‘shine’ for Westies but never had one find me. I do have a picture of two hanging on my wall. The were leashed to a post outside a shop waiting patiently for someones return. It was hard not to just scoop and run, but fearing drawn and quartered in Scotland swayed me (as that was where I was at the time), so I took their picture instead. For years, thanks to satellite television I watched the BBC Scotland series Hamish Macbeth, his side kick Wee Jock was a hoot to watch. A dog changes things and it will be for the best. No doubt his arrival will be much blog fodder. ……..let you in on a secret, but promise not to tell…..Hudson, as in Howl, was the name of the dog before Elvira………anyhoot, am sure he’ll have you all trained and doing his bidding in no time flat. Ya’all have fun now ya hear.

    1. Wee Jock was such a star- I still smile at him needing a vet, but the whole village carried him to the local doctor, greeting the man with “It’s Wee Jock, Doc”
      We’re all very excited and full of the novelty of it all.

  3. He is adorable. I can’t wait to meet him! And he is going to love being with you all. He has fallen on his paws. Did you buy him lots of lovely things in hte pet shop & an appropriately “manly” basket? And oh yes Hudson. Wee Jock in Hamish Macbeth! He was a star.

    1. The manly basket is brown and soft and oh so lovely. It has been totally ignored in favour of the dining room carpet. Lead, harness and collar are all blue- he and Spurs fan coordinate wonderfully 😀
      You can come and play with him anytime!

  4. Lucky Jake, he’s going to a very good home where he’ll be well looked after. I hope he forgets his troubled past and turns into a happy and mischievous little dog.

  5. Yaroooooo! (from now all my comments will be in Scooby Doo-ese to mark the occasion.) Congratulations, he is adorable, and there is nothing, but nothing like a dog to enrich your life. (Mine is currently enriching the air directly below me. I should never have given him that sausage.)

  6. YAY!!! I wanted a dog, my husband did not. Which is how we wound up with two children. Bizarre, I know. But I still want a dog, desperately. It is absolutely wonderful to read that your family and that adorable pup have found each other. YAY!!!

    1. He’s shuffling round the floor here, trying to find the best spot in the sun. We are all chuffed. Less so at 2.30 am when he decided to bark at something/ anything and woke the house…

  7. How great for you, and for your new little friend to have a family! One of our best little dogs when my children were young as an “old lady dog” we adopted when a neighbor asked us if we could take one of her friend’s dogs because of home downsizing. Foggy was seven or eight years old and lived with us another ten! I’m very happy for you. It will be nice to have another character for you to share with us! 🙂

  8. How wonderful! Rupert wags his tail in approval. There’s nothing like the love of a dog to make a house a home. And a shelter dog is the most wonderful of all because they truly are grateful for a loving home. I’m sure in no time at all the entire family will be wondering how you ever got on without one.

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