after the rain

We were high on a hilltop, in the clouds.

It was grey and miserable, and all the games had been played. We were intending to go home that afternoon.

We might as well just pack up.

We stripped the beds, closed the new curtains happily, and the old ones for the last time- when we return it will be with the rest of the curtains and a dog. The caravan will be totally ours then. In the meantime, let’s just tidy up.

But it’s too early and too yuk to just leave. Lunch. Why not treat ourselves to a nice lunch, overlooking a soggy beach? That’ll do the job.

From another hilltop we watched the rain. Then, we watched the rain move on. By the time the plates were practically licked clean, the sun had come out.

We went home smiling, cheerful, and well fed.

I can’t wait to get back.


16 thoughts on “after the rain

  1. Last pic would make me pee my paints -the reflection of sky and crashing surf on wet sand just does it to me. OOOOpsy, I should have said, ‘the last photograph is gorgeous but I was raised ruff and ready.

  2. Oooh, and you have a little place all your own waiting when you do! What a fantastic idea, a caravan in a place like that. Amazing photos, Fiona, and I’m really glad you all had great holidays.

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