coming home

When we brought Girl1 home from hospital, I found it hard to believe. Seriously, us with a baby? They’ve really let me go home with a teeny baby? What do I know about babies? They’re supposed to be the experts; how can they not see that we’ll be out of our depth with this wee thing to be responsible for? I kept expecting a high speed car, a blue flashing light, and a social worker coming to rescue the baby.

That didn’t happen. We muddled through. We coped with colic and feeding and tantrums and tears. We’re not experts, but we’re all doing ok. So far, so good.

And now Girl1 is going away without us. For three nights to have fun, sleep in a church hall and do lots of dancing. A wonderful opportunity. Part of growing up. Brilliant. I’m delighted for her. But… Did I mention that we’re not going?

Can it be simply a coincidence that the day before she takes a big leap into the world, we welcome Jake into the family? A tiny thing that needs love and security. We’re not experts, but we’re good at muddling through; we can do TLC, and will learn the rest.

The McSpecs- we must be gluttons for punishment.


26 thoughts on “coming home

  1. Jake is adorable! How lucky for him to have found you! And as for Girl1 going away without you, I must admit that I don’t like the independence much either. I accept it with a little bit of a clenched jaw. The funny part for me was this past week when Granddaughter1 started Kindergarten and I found myself obsessing over her growing independence! It wasn’t comforting to realize that I’m going to go through all of what you’re describing once again…mother/grandmother/greatgrandmother…it must be in our hardwiring! Loved the photos, Fiona! D

  2. My Bug is at his first playdate this morning. Without his parents. Without his grandparents, aunties or uncles. Just a friend that he’s known for a long time who invited him over to play. Great, right? Except, you know, I’m not there…. Maybe we need a puppy.

  3. Give the girls their wings, leave the door ajar and they will come flying back (in a good way) knowing you love them. Enjoy Jake and the walks, in the park with him.

    1. She is loving it, Tinman, as we knew she would 🙂 And I am being such a grown up I’m letting her get a lift home rather than going to meet her off the ferry (fear of being the mortifying mummy)

  4. OMG!!! Jake is too cutie for his own good. At least our dogs never grow up and go to overnight parties (can’t really call them sleep overs, ’cause I’ve never known any actual sleep to happen…).

    1. Isobel, he’s settling much more quickly than we expected 🙂 Full of surprises. Girl 1 was with us when we collected him, and for the first night. If we hadn’t been able to get him on Fri, we’d have waiting until she came home. I’m sure she’ll be a bit put out when she sees what she missed, but then she was off having fun and wouldn’t have missed that in a fit !

      1. Maybe she could be in charge of clicker training him? Westie Boy took to it v quickly, though Cousin didn’t follow up. Bossy dogs, terriers. Watch out, or he’ll be in charge of the whole household. 🙂

  5. I am SO not a dog person, but if I were he’s the dog for me- gorgeous and the perfect size! The children keep asking for a dog but with all the kids….aaah! As for Girl 1 trying out her wings- its really hard, but at the same time, you wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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