the park at the end of the road

It was a busy weekend for our local park, starting with the introduction of Jake. All the McSpecs, laden down with poo bags and doggy treats and filled with the novelty of it all. “Ah, look at his wee tail”, “Good boy, Jake”, “It’s my turn to hold the lead”, “He’s a stubborn little chap isn’t he?”. Great stuff.

The polo returned on Saturday. Obviously we have enough folk who have appropriate clothing to stand at a muddy tent in the cold and still look dressed up. Baffling. But all for charity, and the horses looked amazing.

We were back on Sunday for the sixth annual Belfast Mela, a celebration of the multicutural place we’re becoming. Sunshine, crowds and henna tattoos. It nearly felt like a summer day.


10 thoughts on “the park at the end of the road

  1. What a fun festival. Your photos make it look quite inviting. And I’m glad you had a little summer experience! It’s not been very often, but on the few occasions I’ve been able to watch Polo, I’ve really enjoyed it! D

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