days like those

We know what they’re like, those days. Everything is grey and sluggish. Nothing goes quite right. We’re tired and grumpy. It’s just meh.Β A bad day.

For some that’s all it is. For others, from time to time, those days become something else. Exhaustion, anxiety, pain. It’s different for everyone. Some take long walks; some can’t leave the bed, never mind the house. Some take medication; some over indulge in cake, chocolate or cider. We work our way through.

I’ve discovered the twitter feed @blurtalerts, from blurt, encouraging people to share and learn about depression. Of course, I lost time clicking about wandering and wondering. I ended up on their pinterest site- quotes to cheer a foggy day, looking at the sort of quotations (you know, the ‘motivational’,’ inspirational’ sort) I normally ignore.

However I like these, so you’re stuck with them. Click away now if you’re not in the mood for rude words or the twee.

Also, I have a new mantra…


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