I’m not laughing, really

The regular reader will have seen me rant about the government’s view of those who claim disability benefits. I sometimes link to the fabulous campaigner Sue Marsh at Diary of a Benefit Scrounger, because there are few who understand and articulate the issues better.

Last night something remarkable happened. 80,000 people at the paralympics booed the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Many folk watching at home joined in.

The man didn’t know what to do. A bit like with the economy then.

(Rude words alert- anyone in the UK remember this?)


12 thoughts on “I’m not laughing, really

  1. Oh boy – I can’t feel sorry for him at all – just hope he starts to get why but feel sure he will think it is because ‘they’ can’t take a bit of soul strengthening deprivation and are wimps (unlike him)

  2. I have never seen that song video before. Brilliant. But why is George called Gideon or am I missing something?
    Being booed was headline news this morning. How come Cameron got off lightly?

    1. Isobel, I think Gideon is his real name. He changed it years ago, and chose George. As a teenager. ‘Nuff said
      I think Dave got booed as well, but not quite so spectacularly, and maybe not on camera

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