a fairy tale in need of a magic wand

Once upon a time, in a land to the west, there was a Glamorous Princess. She met and married a Handsome Prince. They were happy, for a short while.

The Glamorous Princess fell ill to a Disease of the Alphabet, and the Handsome Prince became ever more forgetful.

In time, the Glamorous Princess died and the Handsome Prince was left at home, alone with the Gathering of All the Mice. The Handsome Prince had Concerned Sisters who wanted him to live with them, but he was a fiercely independent Prince, and wouldn’t leave his home in the oakland.

because fairy tales need pretty dresses and flowers

In despair, a Concerned Sister contacted the children of the Glamorous Princess. Maybe there was something they could do? Could they, somehow, evict the Handsome Prince, for his own safety?

The children didn’t hestitate to say no. How could they evict a sick old man from his familiar home? The Glamorous Princess would come back and haunt them forever. It was not possible within the rules of the land.

Still, the children felt bad. The dozy daughter was nearly in tears. There was no right thing to do, only the only thing.

And so they all lived anxiously ever after.

Not the end.


10 thoughts on “a fairy tale in need of a magic wand

  1. No, there is no right thing. Just watching and hoping and the ache of too much distance. And that sad, dusty kind of magic that seems only to stretch the time. ((hugs)) Here’s to happily ever after.

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