It’s all around in September- the new school year. New teachers, new classes, a new school. Long days, bus journeys, big bags, homework diaries and reading records. Backing books. Trying to find arty type pencils. A daily list of things for parents to do/ buy. “Oh, I brought this note home last week- did you see it?” “Did it come out of your bag?” “No…” Teachers remembering names.

I had my annual September slump yesterday. (At least, I’m hoping that’s the end of it.) It’s that moment of “everyone’s getting on and making progress and here I am not able to go back to work yet…” What was different yesterday was that, even in the midst of the wallow, I knew I had made progress since last year. I regularly have reason to leave the house, my clothes are a smaller size, and the voluntary work enagages the few remaining brain cells. Blogging keeps me sane. I’m doing grand. Nothing is perfect- my weight ‘loss’ is very offabit-onabit, but that’s because my motivation only comes in short bursts. I have to learn perserverance. And that bread is evil.

But last night, in the midst of exhausted, grumpy girls, they got to take my education in hand. It was time to teach me which members of One Direction are which.

“Right, I know which one’s Harry. I don’t like him.”

“Ok, blond one, cheekbones one, horrible one, forgettable one- wait, who’s that one singing now?”

“Which one is Gary?”

As they lept about stage I was shouting out names: Harry, Fred, Jason, Jimmy, Cheekbones, Jake. Not all of these were correct.

“Which one is Liam?” “The one with the messy hair.”

They all have messy hair.

“Ok, I’m getting there… Which one is on your bedroom wall?”

“Mummy, they’re all on my wall.”


Messy, Blond, Forgettable, Cheekbones & Horrible. Possibly.
image from

We may be some time.


21 thoughts on “education

  1. I have toyboys with names like that, I just call them darling when I cannot remember their names. Please don’t tell them, let it be our secret. By the way… I thought One Direction was a one way street! 😦

  2. Well done that woman. I would no one end of One Direction from the other. And you are in the September groove: Jake-orienting, for example, and jumping through the not inconsiderable hoops to be shortlisted in the upper echelons of Irish Blogging’s good and great.

  3. At least you know WHO they are! I feel very old! Ha! I went into a September slump with a granddaughter starting school for the first time, so I think you’re certainly entitled to a brief recalibration! I, too, could stand to learn that bread is evil…but I can’t quite get there. I still need to flirt with it! You’re doing great if you can see a marked difference between this year and last. Grief alone, without illness, takes more than a year to move through…Celebrate your progress. Just not with bread! 🙂 Debra

  4. Eric; Leslie; Derek; Alan and Woody. There know all five – not my fault if they are so easy to remember because they have the same names as the Bay City Rollers?

  5. Who can keep up with these trendy bands and their members? There’s a new band on the block every 24 hours. I like the name Cheekbones, I think I’d go to a gig just to say I’d seen Cheekbones.

    1. Every so often a tweenie magazine explodes all over their walls and I need to pay attention… but I never quite get it right. But then again, isn’t that the point?

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