A morning before big school started,  Girl1 and I left Jake alone for an hour or two while we ambled off to see even bigger, scarier creatures. Mechanical, admittedly, but detailed and interesting.

We were at the Age of the Dinosaur exhibition: roaring, jigsaws, digging. Apps, maps and twiddly things. Furry dinosaurs? One with fur and feathers? That one used to lay eggs, the other gave birth. We are beginning to discover what colour some dinosaurs were (when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘scientists’, Girl1 and I did not make a major research breakthrough that day).

The nursery group in front of us were Being Very Brave or Crying Such A Lot, and it was some relief when we got to the final area with the sandpit and library books.

There was a lot to see and do and learn. However, the most fascinating thing for me was more slo-mo than high tech. A slice of petrified wood. Formerly a tree; now a stone.

Never mind the mechanics and all the fancy displays; I was the one droolling over a bit of rock. I’m not sure the nursey group noticed.


16 thoughts on “petrified

  1. Afraid I would have been in among the nursery group. I just wish there had been furry (ducks) about in the museum when I was young. We of course headed straight for the mummy. Although I should mention that two friends were more mesmerized by the lift in the museum (a novelty) than anything else.

  2. I love petrified wood, too. I have a very nice piece of petrified wood given to me by a friend who probably shouldn’t have had it in the first place. But I’m glad to have it. What a very nice day you must have had. I love to go to what my granddaughters call “the dinosaur museum.” 🙂

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