how to?

There are many advantages to being involved in the beginning of an organisation. Aims, objectives, values- those are real issues to be worked out, rather than corporate speak added in when fashionable.

Equal in importance to what we do is how we do it. How do we make sure that all voices are heard and valued? How do we present ourselves publically? How do we make people feel?

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  – Maya Angelou

How can we be most effective in doing what we want to do, given that we’re still a motley crew of volunteers with tuppence ha’penny of kind donations?

We’ve been working on strategy; now we’re working on a “How to” manual- a guide and support. A reminder to pause when we want to scream, to look for a way round road blocks rather than shouting at them, and to be professional without being corporate.

Because we know how we’ve been made feel.


12 thoughts on “how to?

  1. I’ve had a few experiences in my “long” life to be a part of the early stages in planning a large group effort, not particularly an organization, but the one thing that I’d add to the list of necessities, is simply remembering that sometimes it takes decades before any effort really produces the goals you’ve intended. Don’t get discouraged along the way….take the long, long view, and you’ll be so glad you were there to create firm footings and foundations. Good for you, Fiona! Debra

    1. We are working at remaining realistic- we want to do so much NOW, yet have to prioritise and plan for actually achieving something rather than just talking about it!

  2. Because when complete frustration and exasperation makes you think you are about to stamp your foot on the floor, bang your head on a desk and jump up and down screaming at someone when you are fifty, although you never remember even having the inclination to do it as a child, you have to learn new boundaries.

  3. The nicest compliment I have ever had about my work is that I make it look easy. The second nicest is being told that I obviously love what I do. Both are true some of the time, both are untrue some of the time, but if I can keep the moments when I want to cry and give up for the people who need to hear what is going wrong and who can help me, then I count it as some measure of success.

  4. Believing in what you are doing and remembering who you want to do it for, are the two things that will keep you on track. An acorn does not become a tree in a day it needs a little nourishment every day. In time the roots strengthen allowing the branches to stretch and provide the shelter for those you want to help.

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