creating order out of chaos

Jake has been here for 3 weeks now, and he’s been working hard. He’s had such a lot to do in our previously undoggy home.

First of all there was the indignity of the harness. He’d been on a harness when we took him on walks from the sanctuary, so we bought one. Pale blue, with dark blue bones. The girls were very pleased with it. Jake put up with it for about 2 days. If he was going to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with round these parts, the puppy look had to go. His collar and extendible lead allow his gravitas to show through. He is no longer the laughing stock of the canine world.

He’s had to repel all sorts of threats: planes, birds, window cleaners, greeting cards on the mantelpiece and, worst of all, those paralympic athletes. It took weeks of effort to scare them away. They kept showing up with their magic wheelchairs and their cheering and their flashing lights and they simply wouldn’t listen to him. The swimmers were the worst. Very Loud Barking and Quivering Tail  were required to get rid of them. But, he’s a stubborn boy, used to perserverance. He won in the end. The goldfish still needs a regular reminder of just who is boss- it keeps forgetting.

Routines are very important. Sleeping in his bed, or around the foot of the stairs is fine until I get up, and we all go out as Girl2 heads off to school. Spurs Fan and Girl1 may have got a grunt from him with their early starts, but not much more. After the walk, it’s time for breakfast and sleeping in the dining room. I was going to a meeting yesterday, so I went to draw on a face after the walk. When I came back, he was pacing about the kitchen accusingly- did I not know he needed me to be in the dining room if he was to relax properly? What’s a dog meant to do if he doesn’t know what I’m up to? Apparently he was most unsettled the night I went to Bookclub. Everybody else just went to bed as if nothing was wrong, but one of the household was missing. Like the parent of a teenager, he wasn’t a bit happy until I was safely home. At least when the teenage years hit, Spurs Fan will have company in his anxiety. I will be asleep.

all is well in his world

Walks are straighforward now that we let him decide the general direction. After a spur of the minute walk meant I had to do shopping just to get an emergency plastic bag, all the coats are fully stocked up with little bags. A particularly smelly bundle makes me appreciate bins left out for collection, or half empty skips. Carrying that around for 40 minutes isn’t my idea of fun. I have been persuaded to bring earphones on the morning walk: I get less bored in the rain, he does more sniffing.

The next big battle for him is dog food. We think he’s been used to greater delights than we’re giving him. Tasty, human food, no less. Sometimes we mix tuna or left overs in with the dog food to convince him of its value, but sometimes he needs to be very hungry before he deigns to eat it. Those nice gravy covered treats? He just licked off the gravy. He’ll probably be expecting a roast on Sunday. He may guilt me into mummy cooking yet.

We’re working ourselves out. He’s training us well.


21 thoughts on “creating order out of chaos

  1. The tyrant terrier. Good thing he’s not a collie; you’d all be rounded up into the one room every minute. One of our dogs was always trying to get us all together. It wore her out the way we kept straying in different directions.

      1. She wasn’t even a collie, but a dachshund. 🙂 my aunt looked after a collie for her daughter’s in laws. It constantly rounded her rescue toy poodle, who was white and lamb like, back to his bed.

  2. love your blogs about jake! so true of a terrier they are soo strong willed. We used to a have an amazing airedale terrier and can really identify with what your saying! such a loyal friend! enjoy having him as a bit part of your family!

    1. Hi Marie- I remember hearing all about your wonderful airedale! Jake has taken over the house altogether. He will be lying just where you want to put your foot, and causes utter choas when Spurs Fan wants to do sit ups after a run- Jake goes right into the space in a curious ‘what’s going on why’s he all sweaty maybe if I just get right up behind him I can help’ sort of way 🙂

    1. The neighbouring dogs get a little sniff, and then ignored. He’s too grown up to play. Especially with the youngsters. I think he fancies himself as some sort of Elder- a wise dog of the clan. That makes the wild running on the beach or the grass by the embankment all the more fun 🙂

  3. Well, I could go on and on with you about perhaps you’re investing too heavily in his comforts, but then, look what I go through to coddle a tortoise! We humans! Jakes adorable. I’d spoil him for sure! 🙂 D

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