my brain is empty

I haven’t been outraged for, ooh…days. I’m bored of hearing about a future consort’s bosom. Dave and his mates just keep on being what we always knew they were. The depth of the Hillsborough cover up is shocking, but actually not that surprising. Thatcher knew and did nothing because it suited her agenda; I’d have been surprised had she done anything else.

I’ve tried reading the papers. Nothing. It’s all a blur. When my brain feels more active I’m reading John Connolly’s Book of Lost Things. I am loving this book, but can only copeΒ with small amounts at a time. (This is a young adult book.) I am also reading Marian Keyes’ latest, The Mystery of Mercy Close. You know I love Marian. This book is about the youngest of the Walsh sisters, Helen, a private investigator. Helen is on the hunt for a lost boyband chap- vanished just before the comeback concerts- and she is also having mental health issues. This is making me anxious. I was hoping to be transported to a world of laughter and empathy, not needing to reach for the anxiety tablets.

I found this over on The Clothesline. This seems to be level of reading I’m at right now…

I’m missing Donegal. Normal routines are back and girls have things to do at weekends. Next weekend, come hell or high water (that last is a strong possibility) we’re going away. It seems I’ve come to rely on all that nothingness. I’m already becoming mournful at the thought of packing up for the winter.

So, I’ll potter off and watch some tv drivel. I will return to my regular blogging genius when my brain engages.


23 thoughts on “my brain is empty

      1. Ahh Xtrekki are you thinking of the Speccy & L plan for 5 star spa luxury days when other members of the bookclub are trekking & enduring very basic sleeping/living conditions?

    1. I’ll be there as much as possible, but it’s the persuading the rest of the household that driving 3 hrs in the dark to sit in lots of layers and watch the rain, is a good thing…

  1. Oh I’ve had days like that too recently. I think its the approach of winter that is getting to us all. But I have to say I enjoy being able to light the fire again at night and sit down with a cuppa.
    Lucky you getting away to Donegal from time to time.

    1. I’m lighting the fire tonight. Nobody can stop me. Maybe that will make all well with the world!
      We just got an old caravan in the wilds this year, and it’s been fabulous πŸ™‚

  2. I think it’s called end-of-summer-move-to-fall…and I have it, too, but mine isn’t full-blown. I’m still fighting back. I think getting away is a great idea. It always clears my head. You’ve shared some good book titles, now you can share what you watch on tv when you need to hide out! πŸ™‚

    1. I often hide in ridiculous medical dramas, but either the newest member of the household gets the boot, or I choose something less dramatic. Ambulances and frenetic activity cause much concern and growling!

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