hanging out with the cool kids

It’s official; I am a groupie. The ‘other’ one. The tagger along. I am delighted to be so.

In our little communities of bloggy buddies we potter along telling our tales, learning of and from each other, being entertained, moved and inspired by other writers. WordPress host many of the blogs I follow (and this one), and 5 days a week they round up what they think are the best posts from across the world that day, and showcase them. It’s a great way to discover blogs- or be discovered by the whole wide world- and many people actively try to get Freshly Pressed. WordPress even send out an email every so often examining what was eye catching or good about a particular post, in order to point bloggers towards what helps them get freshly pressed. Many people, however, are blogging to make sense of their own worlds, to stretch their creativity and Freshly Pressed may not be on their radar.

Yesterday something remarkable happened. The WordPress elves came our way. Not one, but two of our bloggy buddies made it to Freshly Pressed. Go and see. Bask in the reflected glory of Tinman and Kate Shrewsday– inspirational bloggers I am proud to know. (Of course I know them, they’re my buddies. I’m sure they’re real. Anyway, I’ve met Tinman; it’s his fault I blog at all).

I was so excited last night when I discovered this- real talent being acknowledged. My mates. Spurs Fan smiled benignly, not getting it, but knowing that I was bouncing around with joy for my friends.

Onwards and upwards you two, but don’t forget the little people will you? I’m sure I can carry a bag or something…


20 thoughts on “hanging out with the cool kids

    1. Not for much longer; they’re going to judge the top ten most popular, and I’m not there 🙂 Of course, I’m going to the ceremony anyway! The family are coming for a night at a swish hotel but don’t want to go to the event. I really can’t imagine why not 😉

  1. Great post, and great to hear of them doing so well…I’ve never heard of Freshly Pressed- will have to check it out! (I’m sure you’ll be on there sometime soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Emma- I’ve been blogging for about 18 months and it’s the first time I’ve been at all familiar with any of the blogs featured. It’s just amazing that two I know so well get featured on the same day!

  2. It’s great to see it’s not only famous people who make it to such stardom but that the talents of those we know(!), follow and commune with can be recognized. Well done to both of you,tinman and kateshrewsday!

  3. Like Emma, I’ve never heard of Freshly Pressed, but my WP blog is not hosted on WP.com. I still have my fingers crossed for you in Best Blog Post, will wrestle with you 🙂 for the other one! 😆

  4. So exciting. Don’t forget to let me carry some of the cool kids’ bags as well, Fiona – I’m happy to bask over here on the other side of the Atlantic.

  5. worthy worthy

    side note………but just wanted to give the heads (maybe everyone is aware of this) Freshly Pressed is a wordpress.com function and as far as I know if you are of wordpress.org bent, then those sites will never be on freshly pressed. I could be wrong about this.

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