learning styles

I was sleeping the other evening when Girl2 came in to teach me all about Monster High dolls. There are about a dozen of them- dress up dolls with a vampire/ zombie/ werewolf twist. No, I don’t know why. There are perfectly good Sindys up there.

Once I was well and truly awake, she moved on to tell me all about what she’s learning in school these days. She’s really enjoying grammar and geometry. (Not the sort of sentence I ever expected to write.) Of course, that’s because she’s singing.



Since we’re onto shape, and are all thinking of Sesame Street, we can’t leave without a burst of this one…


15 thoughts on “learning styles

  1. Just fab Fiona ! Every day in school should start with a James Blunt moment – he makes triangles very appealing !!! Thanks for the happy moment.x

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