always, always, every day

We went off to the caravan for the weekend. We packed doggy dinners, real food, socks, layers and chargers for all the things. We’re beginning to feel we have this process sorted.

That smidgen of confidence? Too much.

Not only did I forget to pack undergarments (necessitating purchase of huge great-granny pants in the nearby town) but worse, I forgot the anti-mad* tablets. But hey, sure aren’t I doing grand? And I’m in a happy place, so all will be well.

Beaches, family, filthy dog, rain, more beaches. What else could a girl need?

That smidgen of confidence? Too much.

ByΒ Sunday afternoon I was tearful, emotionally easily bruised, and really really irritated. The people around me were driving me bonkers by, well, breathing too loudly, or blinking. Luckily, I had a moment of clarity before I exploded just after we got home,Β and I was able to get a tablet.

Normal service resumed eventually, but it was a lesson in how fine the line is. You’ll understand why I enjoyed Anna’s post so much: why not getting depressed is like not getting pregnant.

*All thanks to Marian Keyes for ‘anti mad’- so straightforward, so direct, so relaxed.


27 thoughts on “always, always, every day

    1. Thanks Mise- I should be used to these things by now, and I’m pleased I caught on before the family had to bear too much of the brunt of my daftness πŸ™‚

  1. Nice waves.

    But, um, I might be testing that ‘fine line of yours’ in a up coming post. Be fore warned. Sorry.

  2. Wow thanks for linking to my post. I’m glad it’s not just me who forgets the most essential item of everyday life! Hope you’re getting back on an even keel again x

  3. It probably indicates how well you’ve been doing that you did forget to bring your important pills with you! I have a really good friend, like a sister, who needs her anti-anxiety medication. I am usually the one to first tell her when I can see she hasn’t taken them! I wonder if she’d be offended if I start asking her if she’s taken her “anti-mad” pills! πŸ™‚ I must ask her! πŸ™‚ Our bodies are sensitive…I’m glad you’re doing better, of course! D

  4. Several times I’ve thought “I could probably give these up, sure I’m in much better form these days”, but if I forget them just once the difference is amazing.
    “Anti-mad” is a great description.

      1. Completely agree, had a complete meltdown this evening cos I forgot my tablets 2 days in a row. Locked myself in the bedroom and threw all the clothes off the bed into a big pile in front of the door so no-one could get in.

        I hate being so utterly dependent on tablets for my sanity 😦

        Saying that, Thank god they work!!!

        1. Barbara, it’s so very horrible when it’s happening and we’re all caught up in the drama. We really need out loved ones to approach us gently with a white flag and the anti mad tablets on the end of a long stick, so we don’t bite their heads off!

  5. I have been working long long weeks recently, and now I have a whole weekend off, am too tired to head to das Boot, so your caravan has been my vicarious pleasure. But now I want some anti-mad tablets, though I’ll forgo the granny pants.
    I have a bag that I shove things into in advance of going to das Boot, and doubled up meds afloat. In anticipation of my next visit, I have already put my waterproof trousers, my boating slippers (fresh from the washing machine), a stack of tea towels and a box of cat food in the car.

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