ta- dah!

I’m converted. I want to live the high life now. I want fabulous venues, attentive staff and seriously good food. I want red leather and dark wood dining chairs, carved with a T. I don’t want to be bothered with things like having to open doors for myself any longer. My staircase needs a make over. I’ve decided that my natural habitat is dressed up, surrounded by men in brocade jackets and patent ballroom shoes. I’ll get the fanatastic frock lady to update my wardrobe accordingly.

In my earlier anxiety about attending a gala dinner, I’d forgotten that it was just people sitting round a table, chatting and eating. Well dressed people, certainly, but regular people. Apart from Lord and Lady Footballteam and the local government minister. At our table were folk from the council and a music promoter. The girls wanted to know why I didn’t ask him for free tickets- maybe I should have staff to do that sort of thing?

A technical glitch (computer and camera not talking to each other) means that I can’t show you me being glam on the replica Titanic grand staircase. Assume I was lovely. Instead you get Jake and me in the front room.

In contrast, Saturday was spent in a church hall, surrounded by 100+ dressed up 9 year olds, performing, chatting with friends and eating sweets… Maybe not such a big contrast then.


46 thoughts on “ta- dah!

  1. Hey uptown girl or what ? You are just gorgeous and glad the night went swell. Looking forward to seeing the Titanic pics too. See , told you you’d be brill.x

  2. The Dress is….. Fantastic. You make a much nicer hanger than the one on the back of the door! Did you have to run down those stairs as the clock struck midnight? Glad it went well.

    1. Do you not have people who do?
      I’m hoping to train two small people to do, but they seem to be simply intent on making all the mess. Most disappointing. Staffing is an issue.

    1. Thanks Nicola- absolutely the best thing about the Frock lady was the confidence boost. She made sure I left in something I’d feel good, and comfortable, in. Best idea ever.

  3. Van sung it:
    Hey girl,
    when ya’ swish and sway In your yellow dress
    ‘Cross the crowded room
    Boom, chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom

  4. You look plenty glam right there in your own living room, although at some point it would be fun to see you on the grand staircase! I love the dress and I’m delighted to see you smile and so pleased to know you had such a nice time!

  5. I LOVE IT!!!!!! (Please pardon exuberant American all-caps, but it truly is the way I feel.) You look gorgeous, Fiona. The Frock Lady did a great job with recommendations, and you look lovely.

  6. That dress is stunningly beautiful. And very sexy (am I allowed to say that?) Glad the gala dinner went well. Ooh yes, red leather and dark wood dining chairs – wouldn’t they be opulent?

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