different times, different voices

Last week:

This morning:

Yes, that’s a fetching enormous waxed coat, broad brimmed hat and wellies. There was also a duvet type waistcoat and a scarf. I could have been auditioning for the role of the Grande Dame in Kate’s county fair.

Until I opened my mouth that is- Spurs Fan’s English friends sometimes look blankly at me as I burble away, too fast, too harsh, too loud. Totally incomprehensible.Β  My accent is less Downton Abbey, and more Strabane man, so it is.Β I could never be mistaken for the County Set.

Not even in the rain.


10 thoughts on “different times, different voices

  1. Strabane Man is indeed incomprehensible to Brits like myself. Perhaps he was extolling the wonderful colours of the falling leaves. Or there again, he might have been saying it was time for a pint.

    1. The leaves have gone past beautiful and into dangerous in the blink of an eye. Go nowhere. If you must go, make sure you have a stick and your phone. But don’t go.

  2. Ah, Jake is weaving his doggie magic, drawing you outside in even the least hospitable of weather conditions….I bet you make an imposing sight, the two of you, striding through the stair-rods…

  3. It’s probably good I can fill in your voice with my own imaginings…complete with an American-produced Irish accent! πŸ™‚ I’m terrible with understanding accents. It’s a terribly unflattering weakness. But since I don’t have the pleasure of your company “in person” I have given you a wonderfully pleasant voice in my head! Just thought you’d like to know!

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