Saturday afternoon

Plans? Pah! I laugh in the face of plans. My life is too exciting to fit in with mere plans. Spontaneity is the name of the game round here. Why would I do what I’d planned when I got a better offer?

You guessed it: I went to bed rather than taking the dog for a walk. Beat that, planners.

However, it is not always the case that going to bed to rest in the afternoon will mean that sleep follows. Especially at the weekend, when the house is filled with Girls. (There are only two of them, but they fill a house.)

Yesterday, while in bed, I did the following

  • listened to reading
  • bought things from Girl2’s shop
  • minded the shop when she was away
  • helped with the design of an ATM for the shop
  • agreed that making more money was the way to get people to spend more (quantitative easing comes naturally to 9 year olds)
  • discussed style issues- tuck in the top or not? Not, we agreed.
  • dozed, briefly.
  • considered a government consultation paper I’m commenting on. My colleagues have produced a humdinger of a response. Sadly, with my brain being in one of its vague, floaty moods, I’m struggling a bit. Thank all gods for smart, awake, fellow volunteers.
  • wondered about getting up to fetch pain killers.
  • failed to do be fit to do that.

Eventually I made it to the real world, ate us out of house and home, and took Jake for a shorter than expected walk. I spent the rest of the evening beside the fire, with a glass of wine.

That bit was planned.


15 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon

    1. Today I have been showing off previously undiscovered expertise on the Battle of Hastings while blogging, tweeting, thinking (!!) and being in pjs. I am a very skilled multitasker 🙂

  1. It’s interesting to me that when I’m in good health and feeling fit I fantasize about a day like you had. But then when we are in bed because we don’t feel well enough to do otherwise it isn’t as much fun as we thought it would be. I hope you’re feeling better today…and I think you made good use of your down time! Listening to books was a good call! As was the wine! 🙂

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