not for the first time

We’re having a wedding anniversary. There are flowers for now and tasty wine for later. We’ll do lunch out somewhere. The British Isles even agreed to change the clocks so we’d get an extra hour asleep. Hurrah.

Cuddliness and gush. ❤ ❤ xxxx

Um, well, er…

We are good for each other. We haven’t yet grown to look like each other, but we enjoy many of the same things. Others, we tolerate or ignore (football/ singing folky men with beards). Spurs Fan keeps us all on track while I sleep or become totally obsessed with something unrelated to domestic activity. I have daft ideas and Spurs Fan makes them happen, against his sensible instincts. He makes me a better person.

We don’t normally do anniversary presents (surely another year of being with me is gift enough?) but we acknowledge the passing of time with a card.

A card.

We each bought the same card.

maybe I should worry?

Does that say too much about our relationship?


16 thoughts on “not for the first time

  1. That’s funny that you both bought the same card. I think in our case the medication would of course include the alcoholic variety. And we also tolerate or ignore the various passions and strangenesses we simply can’t understand.

  2. Congrats to both!! Hope the remainder of the day is pleasant/exciting/surprizing – whichever you prefer! And – of course – best wishes for many more years of gushing + being good for one another!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! My beloved and I have never bought each other the same card. But we HAVE unwittingly bought each other identical gifts so many times we’ve given up all pretense and just buy ourselves something nice, together. Great minds and fools in love and all that stuff 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day.

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