where there is order…

You know those gorgeous lifestyle blogs with tidy homes and pretty, ironed, fabrics, and vignettes? This isn’t one of them.

While I’ve been sleeping or volunteering or generally ignoring the world, chaos sneaked into corners. Clutter took over. Vital school garments vanished. Disaster struck shells that we’d attempted to ‘arrange’.

You may need to avert any delicate eyes…

does anybody have a tidy fridge door?
it’s just a mess
words fail me
headache inducing

You may not be surprised to find that ‘major tidying’ isΒ part of the plan for half term. Procrastination is usually part of any plan, so I may be doing more blogging also…


24 thoughts on “where there is order…

  1. Dust falls on tidy in just the same way as it does on clutter. I seem to be growing clutter these days and there is nobody else to blame. I wonder if I should order a skip ❓

    1. Clutter happens when you’re not paying attention. Every so often there’s a big tidy and I think it will stay like that, but somehow stuff just appears and colonises all surfaces and floor space. I keep threatening a skip, but we may actually be hoarders 😦

  2. For a horrible moment I thought you were about to quote Margaret Thatcher.
    I have a gift for making a place untidy. If there is a clear surface, I can cover it in seconds. Paper is the main enemy, especially bits of newspaper that I think I’ll read later, but hardly ever ever do.
    People say my flat is homely or lived in. Euphemisms for messy. But I have a neighbour whose flat is always pristine. She smokes but has the windows open in coldest weather so the smell escapes. Her flat always feels soulless and she doesn’t do anything. That is my consolation. πŸ™‚

    1. Thatcher- oh dear; what sort of impression have I been giving of myself??? Apparently there’s an article in Saturday’s guardian detailing just how much of the current chaos comes from Thatcherism- I’m afraid to read it in case I become totally unbearable. I blame her for everything but on instinct not evidence. what would I be like if I read the evidence??

  3. I suspect children are a major cause of the mess and clutter, as always! Our fridge door has nothing fastened to it whatever. We have no mysterious pile-ups on the landing. You may now go green with envy.

    1. I do find clutter takes over my brain & stresses me out. If only that alone could stop clutter happening! I’m liking the ‘lose weight’ aspect as I remain 10lbs off my WW goal, like I have been for months!

  4. There are just two of us in our home and I feel like we are never home. I often lament that “gremlins” have come in a messed everything up while we were out! I can’t do it all either. I can keep up with my blogging friends, or I can clean. Guess which one wins out? πŸ™‚

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