worth reading

Sometimes, my bloggy buddies write powerfully and I react in a post. Other times I read posts or articles and think ‘wow’ or ‘what fun’ or ‘oh, yes, that’, but I don’t share it further. I should, I think. There is a lot of great blogging.

Grab a hot drink.

Slice the cake.


t, on being inspired in today’s post, postponed

DorkyMum, sharing a discussion on birth trauma

Debbie, on rediscovering the joy of music

Tinman’s unique take on a photochallenge   

Peter’s powerful comment on language

If you don’t follow those bloggers, you really should; they always have me inspired or laughing or thinking. What else could I want?

This isn’t a blog post, but an archived article from a journalist, discussing the space left when a parent dies. It made sense to me, so you get that too.

I am too good to you.

11 thoughts on “worth reading

  1. Good timing, I could use some inspiration or a kick in the pants, either or. But following highly recommended links seems gentler..

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