the quiet day

There was silence. No doggy shaking or padding about. No warm head at my feet. No beseeching eyes following every morsel of food. No scratching at the chair, the door, or my leg.

Jake was at the vet for the day, under anasthetic, being checked out.

The house was definitely empty, despite four humans being here. He has lived with us for only two months, and we were lost without him.

Now he’s back, healthy and huffing. We need not think he’s going to our friend again any time soon. Luckily, we’re going to Donegal- the beach will win him over.

I wonder how he’ll react when I get him a cute and cuddly winter coat thing?


10 thoughts on “the quiet day

  1. Ach yer a goot doogie!

    He appears to be quite at home. Every time I see him pictured here, am reminded of Hamish’s Wee Jock and I smile -I’ve mentioned that previously haven’t I. Glad to hear he won’t be going back anytime real soon. You miss them when they’re gone, then again they miss you even more. Elvira who is extremely laid back, greets me when I arrive home at night with a high speed to the knees body slam. Her way of saying ‘gosh am so glad to see you again’.

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