Blogging continually surprises me. I never expected to produce one post on geometry, never mind two.

It’s not so much the WordPress photo challenges or daily prompts that spark my mind, more the responses of my bloggy buddies. It takes more than coffee and an email to kick my mind into action.

Some early morning geometry from our world…

Some of the responses to this photochallenge have shown natural geometry, full of beauty, gentle curves, and symmetry.

That doesn’t sound like something I’d find so much of round these parts, so instead you get nature fighting back against imposed geometry…

photochallenge: geometry


9 thoughts on “geometry

  1. The last photo is my favourite too. Psychologists might have a few ideas on why people like this pic. My mind is not with enough today to begin thinking about it. Perhaps best not to attempt analysis – just appreciate it.

  2. That last photo certainly illustrates your point well. I think that’s what I observe frequently, also. Nature struggling to survive against the noise of human structures. Very nice job, Fiona. D

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