world enough and time

A few months on, we know more and more about our Jake. He’s generally contented to be asleep at our feet, but has no problem being in the house on his own for a while. He makes his opinions felt, but now rarely digs his heels in and refuses to participate. He loves his food; except when he doesn’t.

He has even begun to play. Now, not much, and not every day, but he has picked up a soft rattley item and worried at it when he’s being stroked. “Keep rubbing his tummy, no, don’t stop yet, watch!” Oh, the excitement! That our wee old man could be beginning to relax enough with us to play, just a little. We’d thought he didn’t know how.

He doesn’t want to be bothered with other dogs. Mostly he’s ok if they come to sniff around him, but he has been known to rear up in protest, putting the fear of god into Spurs Fan. Jake’s always on a lead- just in case a bouncy dog wants to play with him.

Until last weekend. We were the only people on the beach. We did an extra check for the big labrador that seems to live there. Nope, all empty. It was time.

We let Jake off the lead.

His inner greyhound appeared. Faced with wind and sand and sea and emptiness, Jake took off, and we gaped in awe.

Our bundle of smelly fur was a sleek racing machine. All four limbs flat out in the air, he sped along the shore, into the distance. A brief pause. A look behind to see where the slow two legged creatures were, and away again.

It was glorious, and we were glad.


12 thoughts on “world enough and time

  1. That is what they do when allowed to excise what is instinctual, an a thing of beauty it is.

    Would not worry about the playing with stuff, that is more a people thing then a dog thing. If he is content being part of your pack and is occupied with just being around you he won’t play all that much with stuff. He has shown you what he likes and you have responded. He is a smart dog, I can tell, he is shaping you not visa versa.

      1. Elvira does NOT play with doggie toys, she will however steal items out of pockets or socks etc from dirty clothes hamper, leaving them in the middle of kitchen floor. She is always laid back, quiet and easy going. Outside is a different story, the nose takes over, the instincts kick in and she off to search out and flush anything her nose tunes into.

  2. I reckon it was the sea air, and the feeling of being close to god, I only get that feeling when I am on the beach on my own!! Feels great!

  3. You are amazing. I feel like I know that dog so well after just a few lines of your story. Sunds like he is ‘home’ and you were made for each other. Sometimes all we need is a bit of time in the right environment to get back on track xx

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