placebo progress: week 1

Thursday: magic stuff arrives. To be mixed in a small amount of cold water and be consumed, 3 or 4 times a day. It tastes horrible.. Girl2 laughs. I faced down a packed school hall, manoeuvering my way through hundreds of parents to find 10 teachers to tell me how well Girl1 is doing at big school. Spurs Fan did hours of queuing, and got to see 3 teachers. I did not run screaming from the hall to hide in the car.

Friday: boring things. Ironing, hot press sorting. Caught up on some blog reading and writing. No bed.

Saturday: dog walking, girl drop off and pick up. Reading a psychology book one of you told me about. No bed.

Sunday: still reading. Fascinating book. Bit of a doze.

Monday: waited for 2 hours at a drop in clinic without losing my head. Weightwatchers (a loss, a loss!). Coffee with people I don’t really know. Finished another book.

Tuesday: christmas shopping by the shedload. Hours on the internet with a credit card. Thinking about who and what for longer than three minutes. Walk. Support group. Grocery shopping- without a list. Not only did I remember to go shopping and that there had been a list, I even worked out what had been on that list. Medal winning brain power, right there.

Wednesday: NIRDP meetings (look what we’re up to- a small group of people with no resources other than brain power, hard work and great skill), note taking, thinking.


You may not know by the look of it, but that is the most productive and coherent week I’ve had in a long, long time.

I had a few wee lie downs, but that’s what they were, not 2 hour “dead to the world wake up like a zombie” naps.

I’m sticking with the possible placebo for another while.



Now, to try and answer all your questions…

It’s called ME-Relief, and comes from

It’s a powder, comprising L-Glutamine, L Ornithine and Alpha Ketoglutarate. These are amino acids which can all be bought at health shops as food supplements. Between them they prevent muscle breakdown, increase energy, improve brain function, and support the immune system.



Thank you all for not laughing at me, and for keeping your rational thoughts to yourselves. I’m pleasantly surprised at how this week has gone, and am almost afraid to hope for more of the same.


30 thoughts on “placebo progress: week 1

  1. Fiona, I am following your ME Relief investigation with great interest. It comes hot on the heels of my watching a Derren Brown programme called Fear and Faith -
    The ME relief powder seems to have done wonders for those that have taken it (or at least those who have commented on Paul’s website) – looking forward to even more good news about its effect xx

  2. I’m a big believer in supplements, Fiona, and I am delighted that you had a more productive week. It really did sound to me that you accomplished quite a bit. I wish it tasted a bit better for you, though! 😦 I’m very glad you’re documenting how you feel and including your personal observations. It’s your own research project. oxo

  3. So much we don’t know, if experience is better keep taking it, and keep telling us too. There never seems much wrong with the brain under the fog, so here’s hoping it lifts often, xxx

  4. I loved this post. I like that your are open to trying new things to help you… and I loved reading about your weekly progress. You need to do what is good for you and I am pleased it has been positive so far. Fair play with the xmas shopping. I have nothing done…..eeekkk

    1. When I reviewed the week I was really surprised! I statred thinking about what I might get in Sept- then it took 2 months to anything at all. And I did most of the shopping in a morning!!! gobsmacked, but delighted 🙂

  5. Fiona, you should see the handful of supplements I swallow every morning. You get no judgment from me. I’m really happy to hear this is working for you, and damn anyone who would say anything else.

  6. Medicine is not a perfect science and doesn’t have all answers. And, some answers though “accepted” aren’t always the best for everyone anyway. It is also important not to discount the importance of the power of the mind. If you think it helps, it will help. Life is short. If it does no harm, go for it. Hugs!

    1. ArtyLady linked to a tv programme all about the power of the mind and placebos- amazing stuff. People overcame all sorts of problems while taking a sugar pill, and then were really empowered to discover they’d done it all themselves 🙂

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