defensible space

I’ve stolen this title from Dawnriser’s wonderful and deeply personal post. The two posts could not be more different.

One of our household is a self styled Protector in Chief. Birds, planes and neighbouring pets bow to his bark. The postman and the window cleaners know their place in the hierarchy.

There are some threats that remain a challenge. They keep popping up in the corner of the room, on a screen, as if that made them any less troublesome.

Anything that looks like this

or this


will cause uproar, and we’ve learned to grab the remote control in a timely manner.

However, the world is full of surprises. The latest threat to our order? Santa’s Little Helper. A cartoon character. Your guess is as good as mine.


12 thoughts on “defensible space

  1. He is a scream. Having seen him in action, I can verify that he is a total character. I never knew dogs could get so absorbed in television. My own dog, years ago, had no such interest. I wonder is he a special case, or has domesticity and electronics led to a new stage in canine evolution?

  2. Have a feline of tom cat attitude, though neutered, vaccinated (definitely a whole other discussion) & semi-domesticated, remains by preference an outdoor gentleman of sorts and serious guard cat of first order. No squirrel, butterfly, rat, opossum, raccoon, bird or any other living creature of different organic living matter, not his own, dare try to enter his domain, which extends throughout the neighborhood in an approximate 9 mile radius. No TV for this boy. He operates mostly between his special bed of several catnip lined four or five clean towels on top of the Christmas Tree box in the garage and his special food & water bowls at the back door, allowing the occasional pet on his head always monitored and threatened by possible smacks (claws out) in retaliation for any perceived attempts to pick him up or any other uninvited touches. Eyes green, tabby colored brown, black & tan make him a most desirable object for holding & squeezing, resulting in many scratches of indoctrination for the honor of serving him whatever he desires…

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