why watching the news is bad for me

“Ah, now listen. Would you not wise up a bit? Sure what’s the point of going round killing everybody; that’ll not help your case. Sit down and have a bit of a chat. Get to know each other. You can work it out better than this” … is just what nobody seems to be saying in the Middle East. President Obama said he supports Israel, and fool that I am, I kept expecting the “however” to follow. Nope. Does Israel not have any critical friends? Do the Palestinians have no friends? What is going on?

Then there’s the notion that those people protesting about the treatment and death of Savita Halappanavar are simply calling for abortion to be legalised. That’s part of it, but surely the bigger issue is how a woman, grieving, and in pain, was deprived of treatment which may have saved her life. Did nobody in the hospital take action to save her distress and lower the risk of infection? Did nobody in the hospital say, “this is wrong”? Surely we’re not that inhaumane?

I was having an inner ramble about the combined failures of religions to persuade humankind to treat each other as each of us would like to be treated. I decided that I probably couldn’t blame the attitudes of Dave and his mates on religion- that’s more a class issue I think, but I’m open to persuasion. Bendy Girl, Benefit Scrounging Scum, has compromised her health by campaigning on behalf of those of us with health and disability problems, and I despaired to read her review of all that effort. The System batters and breaks people, and then rides roughshod over them.

News. I’m better off not watching it before I go to bed, because I’ll be too busy fuming to sleep. I try not to wake up Spurs Fan just so I can rant at him. I’m going to learn calm. Maybe I should become a Buddist…

I’m sorry? What’s this now? A Buddist monk blaming Muslims for being burnt out of their villages in Burma? Oh, wow, I am even more naive and ill informed than I’d thought.

Brain fog has been protecting me from the injustices of the world. I have a lot to catch up on. Just not before bedtime.


22 thoughts on “why watching the news is bad for me

  1. Too much bad news just makes me angry. It’s not good for my blood pressure. Perhaps I should only expose myself to bad news on alternate days. Or alternate weeks.

  2. So many of us feel as you do, compassion seems to get lost as well as the critical friend capability. Maybe they are all just scared stiff of looking like they don’t know what they are doing? Don’t you find compassion needs quite a lot of uncertainty and having to find out what it is like for the other… like you say … have a bit of a chat. I am not watching, quick look at the headlines, turn off… Do keep writing

    1. Slightly! You’re talking to the woman struggling with a Marian Keyes book!! Tom Paine…
      I’ll put him on my ‘I really need to read this if I’m to be informed’ list. It’s a long list. Is there a easy peasy study guide?

  3. Now you know why I ditched my TV fourteen years ago. I went to the rally last Thursday at the City Hall and hope to go along again tomorrow. Why am I going? The rules need to be clarified and changed. What Savita needed was actually not an abortion, but an emergency surgical procedure. Instead she was left in agony with a foetus hanging by a thread and an open uterus (open wound) for three days. Merciful Maisie, every other day on this island of Ireland, we hear of super bugs such or MRSA that cannot be cured in hospitals all over the land. I don’t want any women to have to go through that again. This is supposed to be the 21st century.

  4. Nah, Fiona, don’t watch the news. We only see part of the story, and then only in little dribs and drabs. I’ve been noticing for a while (with the lunchtime news, which is all I care to watch) that quite a few stories don’t make sense… they don’t add up; something isn’t right with them. Couldn’t tell you what, but that’s how I feel. AND the news and media companies are now finding themselves in the news. If there’s something you need to know, you’ll get to hear about it anyway.

  5. I don’t know what I find more infuriating and depressing about the news, the fact that media sensationalizes everything so nothing is what it seems, or that fact that it might be exactly what it seems.

  6. I get most of my news from radio and try to avoid the images. I have no answers for anyone else, since I struggle with the same thing. I do understand your outrage. I saturate on news and then take a break. And I NEVER watch or listen to news before I go to bed…I learned that awhile ago. Too many sleepless night!

    1. Debra, you are very wise 🙂
      The problem is that we need to be outraged, we need to say “Enough”. Head in sand is better for me, but that’s probably partly how we got into this mess- too many heads in the sand

  7. speccy, remember with television a million people get one image of what is taking place. Listen to the radio and millions of people make millions of images in their heads.

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