one man and his dog

For many years, the BBC have run a programme of sheepdog trials.


It’s a programme like no other- serious competition demonstrating the best working relationships between shepherds and their dogs, and showcasing the amazing skills of the dogs. To those of us without fields and sheep of our own, it’s remarkable. Herself was a big fan; at the time I thought she was deluded and old. If we’re lucky, oldness creeps up on us…

I hadn’t thought of the programme in ages, until I looked up from my book the other evening.

Jake likes to snuggle in to a small, cozy space. Spurs Fan likes a hot bundle by his feet.

One man his dog, McSpec style.


12 thoughts on “one man and his dog

  1. I love One Man and His Dog. A couple of years back I stood in driving rain watching a shepherd training her collies. Magic.
    Our dachshund used to like to tunnel under blankets. Is Jake fond of that too?

    1. Yesterday I was talking to someone who has trained her dogs to put washing into the machine and take it out, and to help her parents put coats on. They haven’t mastered ironing yet…
      He has a favoured throw for rubboing his head on and under 🙂

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