when all else fails

For some months my Iknownothingaboutphotography camera (Olympus VR-310) and the laptop have been playing tricks on me. They like to pretend they won’t work together, and hide the pictures. I’ve taken to using the camera on my phone instead, but since that’s an i’mProbablyObsolete, there’s no flash. At this time of year, when the sky hardly lifts, that’s a bit of an issue.

Pictures from the phone go on to the laptop under the label of when they were taken. Easily found. Easily used. Easy peasy. Just what I need.

Pictures from the camera go on the computer, and then we have to mount a search. A search through all the picture files. All the files from we ever had a digital camera. There is no apparent logic to where they get stored. Photographs taken at Girl2’s birthday party at the weekend were found in Jan 2011, pics from an event a few weeks ago at SpursΒ Fan’s school were hiding in 2005.

Live updates….


Maybe the date is wrong somewhere in the camera?

Puts in today’s date.

Takes pics.

The laptop imports 1256 pictures (should clear the camera…) and allocates most of them to today’s date. This may be a good thing. Perhaps I am a tech genius?

In the great search for the birthday party pics, I did find one I’d meant to show you, of the grand staircase and the do which required a posh frock. It was taken in Oct 2012, and saved in the file for Dec 2010. I’d hoped we’d find it eventually.

I must learn to embrace technology, or at least press the right buttons.


26 thoughts on “when all else fails

  1. I just love that dress. I’m also pleased to see some of the famous replica staircase which I haven’t seen because it’s not part of the Titanic exhibition.

  2. You look the business. Or the bee’s knees. Gorgeous. As to camera dates and times, they can be a real pain, it’s even worse when you’re trying to save files from different cameras to the same folder! πŸ™‚

  3. Can’t give any advice about sorting out photos; can’t even seem to get around to putting mine onto a laptop. Do love that dress though.

  4. What a fabulous photo, Fiona! You look just gorgeous…and I’m NOT just saying that! The dress, the do, the smile…all really came together. Now I want you to get this photo copied in at least an 8 x 10, frame it, and any time you feel a wave of low self-esteem come wafting through, you take a look at the beautiful woman! πŸ™‚ As to your computer problems, I have “lost” photos somewhere in my computer, too. It drives me crazy!

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