I’ve been led astray, and I’m liking it

It’s not time for the December excitement yet. There are odd parcels arriving in the post. I’m sure I’ve bought you something, but it’s carefully hidden now, so I may yet forget to do the wrapping and sending off.

I’ve been looking at decorations, and one or two may have slipped into the shopping basket, but it’s still too soon.

Now that Girl2 has had a birthday, and a party, and got her ears pierced like a big girl,Β they might start to talk about it, but I’m not listening yet.

The rules (my rules, that is) say that we don’t do that sort of stuff for weeks yet. I always relax the rules so the tree goes up around Spurs Fan’s birthday- just this once. The annual debate is part of the McSpec December traditions.

I like the music, and add to the Christmas playlist when I can. That’s on shuffle for weeks. But not yet.

Except, well, this morning I heard this for the first time. I laughed out loud, and then found a lump in my throat. It has been added to the playlist. I’ve listened several times.


They’re my rules. I’m allowed to break them.


11 thoughts on “I’ve been led astray, and I’m liking it

  1. Decorations! I love the yearly challenge of trying to find decorations that the cats won’t destroy or that can be put out of their reach, and the first day that the lights around the window make everything feel a little more magical πŸ™‚

  2. the lyrics are wonderful – they could have been written specially for me – the person who can’t remember there is thing called ‘last posting date’ – I’ve probably missed it again

    1. Ah, but who wants to be anal about remembering these things? Things get done when they get done. More than once I have bought a present, carefully hidden it, and found it months later. A happy surprise at some random time is just as welcome πŸ™‚

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