the works outing

We’re getting ready.

You may think the end of February is a long way away, but there’s a conference to be organised for Rare Disease Day 2013. In Dublin.

You know what that means? A day trip. Train (with compulsory Danish pastry). Taxi. Venue. Meeting.

There was a dip in proceedings where Auntie Sadie* and I got a bit angst ridden (not just because of her jumper shedding green fluff all over the nation’s capital), but we had a very effective revival strategy.



Restorative browsing– feeling a bit like country bumpkins up in the big smoke for the day, fondling items we could never afford to buy, and taking pics in the fancy shop.


Before the train home, a chance to put the world to rights with a glass of something chilled.

Conference organising 101- get pen, paper and a glass of wine. Make everyone do it your way.

dublin wine & whine


*not a real aunt- I’m old enough to be her mother- but a super organising guru. And fun, with it.


14 thoughts on “the works outing

  1. Oooo, please tell about the blocks in the background of that scary shoe. Some patterns look like runes, some like cuneiform. I know, I know, they’re just advertising glitter…. oh well, the artist has an eye….

  2. Killer shoes. Sigh! I’ll not complain, at least I can walk again, unaided by crutches. Were you trying to make me homesick for a walk through the City of my birth!

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