guess who?

Dreams are amazing collections of ideas. My brain regularly baffles me with the nuggets that turn up from the depths of my subconcious. I dream about folk I’ve never met, and not only Liam Neeson.

lovely liam

Last night it was you lot. Or some combination of bits of bloggy buddies.

A woman friend of mine (bearing a remarkable likeness to Mise’s black and white image) moved into the big house in the village. You know the sort of house- the one that used to be a bank, or where the doctor lived. She had teenage boys, who she admonished, Mary Poppins style, by singing to them. In Irish. One of the village elders called in to discuss the kitchen arrangements and chatted about how awful it was that the groups of rowan trees up where the Brother lives had been chopped down years ago, in the name of progress. I think she meant for houses with indoor toilets, but it’s just as likely to have been for Roman roads or a railway.

This woman was deeply mysterious, and was also the subject of a Radio 4 play. (Anybody?) Her husband supervised digging in Egypt, but I wasn’t clear how he could do this remotely, from the anonymous village. Nor was it clear if it was archaeology or mining. I must have woken before we got chatting properly.

Anyway, the dream involved a moody and dangerous to know football agent and men marking their territory by showing off their mobile phones. (Is that a thing?) One of the few references that I actually understood was that someone was being treated for breast cancer- Lisa’s cancer originated in her breast; last week she had surgery to remove tumours from her brain.

Some of you are women, some of you have teenage boys. Some of you have illness in the family. Some of you are musical, some of you are interested in football. Most of you probably have indoor toilets and mobile phones. At least one of you works in radio.

However I’d love to know if any of you are working in Egypt, even remotely.

And I’d be really keen to hear from you if you are Liam Neeson.


16 thoughts on “guess who?

  1. Fiona – if Liam Neeson calls you remember me your friend who loves coffee too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I agree about the rowan trees. It’s awful the way one just pops off to Egypt to do a bit of digging along with Liam Neeson and the trees have vanished when one returns with all the stuff that has been dug up. It would really discourage anyone from ever returning to Egypt with Liam Neeson.

  3. I am Liama Neelson from Cairo. Or should that be I would happily meet Liam Neeson in Cairo. (How much of that ME stuff are you taking?)

  4. I guess if you ain’t Irish you ain’t in your dreams. Oh well. Am probably better off. Of the six links 5 seem perfectly ‘normal’ people of interest and I shall check out…..winks at the 6th whom I already follow.

    1. I hadn’t noticed that apparent British Isles bias to my dreaming, Hudson! There’s no rhyme nor reason to it 🙂

      Perhaps you are moody and dangerous to know? Have you been carrying out any excavations recently? Are there village elders where you live?

      1. Dangerous and moody, Me! -naw. Am surrounded by Christian Fundimalist from Flavoland, they’ve pretty much sucked the fun out of my bohemian village.

  5. Fab dream, Fiona. I went to Egypt once, if it helps. Bought a papyrus of Nefertiti’s wedding.
    I had a strange dream this morning too… I dreamt that someone was designing me a special alarm…

  6. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser, Fiona. You could write a book like Lewis Carroll did, and make a few bob. Apropos of almost nothing, did you hear today’s Radio 4 play? I heard the beginning and not the end and I’m desperate to find out what happened. Welsh play I think.

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